Technology Evaluation

Accelerate your collaboration with innovators including startups, scaleups and big tech. With the Data Sandbox, you can securely evaluate the potential value of these technology vendors’ apps, AI and ML algorithms using real data. Test and evaluate multiple vendors simultaneously before deploying into production environments.


The Data Sandbox for Technology Evaluation

Pilot new technology

Connecting your data to the world’s best technology has never been simpler thanks to Data Republic’s Data Sandbox. Secure collaborative development environments allow for data to be accessed safely and quickly, allowing you to pilot new technology vendors and startups using real data.

Leverage advanced models

Securely benefit from new and innovative technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning using your real data. With privacy protected, the power of innovation can be achieved. 

Test and evaluate efficiently

Deploying new technologies into production environments can be high risk. The secure solution offered by the Data Sandbox permits testing and evaluation of technologies with real data before deploying into production. 

Simplify projects

When innovation projects are managed internally, upkeep and IT management can be complicated and slow. The Data Sandbox is a safe environment to test new tech so your IT team doesn’t have to add it to their queue. With the Data Republic platform, all facets of data innovation are streamlined.


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Data Sandbox?


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