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Whether you’re searching for a secure governance solution to manage internal data sharing or you’re on the hunt for high-fidelity external data to solve a particular business problem, Data Republic has the technology to help you better manage risk and leverage exchanged data for insight.

Secure Data Exchange

Looking for a secure means of exchanging data with another organization?
Our technology helps you securely manage the governance, legal agreements and privacy compliance of data exchange.

We remove risks to exchanging data to help you accelerate time to value.

Single legal framework and Participation Agreement facilitates online negotiation of data exchange terms between consenting organizations.

Governance and workflow technology keeps you in complete control of who can discover and access your data, as well as how and when that data is analyzed and used.

Westpac Databank de-identification technology extracts, encrypts and separately stores customer personal information PII to protect consumer privacy.

The security of our platform is second-to-none with full encryption of data, network segregation and continuous hardening principles applied to environments. Your data is secure and protected.

Online request and project collaboration tools help you to easily manage data exchange projects between teams and external parties.

Existing data supply and demand on the platform enables you to leverage an established network of authorized insights-seekers, contributor organizations and Certified Partners.

Senate Technology

Manage the governance of data exchange projects from one single, secure platform.


It’s secure data exchange, made simple.

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