Technology enabling governed analytics

The same technology the helps you securely manage the governance, legal agreements and privacy compliance of data exchange with other participants on our marketplace can also power open data exchanges for government, private environments and analytics projects.

Senate for Government

Governments all over the world are changing the way they think about data. Many of them believe that the data in the government is owned by the constituents they service and are taking on the challenge of opening up their data to the outside world to help with new game-changing initiatives.
The Senate platform can help deliver on those initiatives, from opening up public datasets to interested parties for governed interrogation to allowing dataset submissions for industry reporting requirements, all on a platform under your complete control.
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Senate for Enterprise

Provisioning a properly governed analytical workspace can be a time consuming and costly barrier to the start of any data project, especially when external teams are involved. Data Republic can help reduce that friction by providing a private, secure analytic environment that offers all of the tools your team needs to deliver real results.
Senate can provide you with analytics infrastructure for your internal analysts and external consultants with full governance over all ingested datasets including those used in matched projects.
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Senate for Open Data Events

Securely providing large groups with access to analytical workspaces is a logistical challenge. Senate can help deliver the standardized analytical environments with governed access to multiple datasets with easy provisioning of users and final control over the results of your event before they are egressed from the platform.
Using Senate as a platform for your data hackathon, you can avoid the IT challenges of creating and supporting multiple workstations, onboarding participants, or preventing unauthorized use of the contributed datasets.
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Why use the Senate platform

Data Republic has built a platform specifically designed to allow you complete control over the discoverability and access to your datasets, enabling the creation of rich supporting metadata and individual access controls via our Platform as a Service or API Management as a service options.

Tokenization of PII

Any Personally Identifiable Information can be tokenized, allowing for more advanced data analysis against open data as well as better industry-related solutions.

The security of PII would otherwise be a major hurdle to any type of open data or analytical project, but Data Republic can help alleviate that concern as well as provide matching services for those projects that require second party data.

Data Governance as a Service

Permitted-use governance of data allows you to surpass traditional exchange solutions limited to “white” data by discreately controlling visibility and access. With complete confidence in the security of your data, you can expand the richness of the data being shared on the platform to improve your analytical outcomes.

You'll never have to allow the inability to govern access hinder an important project again.

Data DMZ

Surveilled workspaces used to allow approved partners, industries, and more to work on shared data in a secure environment to prevent unauthorized uses of your data.

You control what data is allowed in the workspace, and what level of aggregates are egressed as well, so your raw data never leaves the environment or your control.

Data Marketplace

To increase the use of data to solve problems, the marketplace contains listings with customizable metadata elements that can be searched and browsed.

Leverage the marketplace controls to fulfill data availability and dissementation obligations for your own datasets or completed data projects.

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