The value proposition of the Senate platform

Data Republic’s Senate platform provides a solution to internal and external data sharing, along with an extensive ecosystem of datasets that will enrich your existing data. Strengthening data within your organization can securely ‘fill the gaps’ in order to guide decision making and assist in automating operations. This information will improve agility and result in numerous operational improvements, ranging from protecting existing revenue, cross selling to improve share of wallet, improved loyalty to faster time to market for new services.

Reduced internal IT setup costs

You can leverage the Senate platform as cost effective infrastructure for securely testing new solutions before ongoing deployment. With secure governance designed into the platform, you'll be able to deploy environments that satisfy your IT requirements at a lower cost.

Reduced IT configuration time

Introduce and test data science tools quickly and easily to ensure shorter time to productivity for digital transformation activities. No lenthy procurement times or hardware installations will stand between your teams and their analytical projects.

Access to our network of experts

Bring in an expert already certified and authorized on the Data Republic platform, taking advantage of industry and technical specialists without incurring the governance risks associated with providing contractors local access to your datasets.

Ensure governance of data

The Senate platform’s layers of security and privacy compliance will ensure that you never have questions about who has access to your datasets and what they are doing with it. Completely governed environments keep your data safe and your stewardship simple.

Increased analytical agility

Allow your team more flexibility in their projects via an easy discovery process for datasets and an approval process for internal access to information. Remove the bottlenecks around access to data from within the organization.

A path to data monetization

Our federated data marketplace model allows you to easily seek monetization opportunities by choosing which datasets you'll keep internal only, and which datasets you can publicly commercialize to the Data Republic ecosystem.

The Senate difference

Data Republic's Senate platform offers all the features you'd expect in a local analytical environment plus the additional security and governance tools included by design into our technology.
check Full-Service Analytics Machines
check Expert setup of environments
check Access to Expert Partners
check IT Security
check Version control your own code
check An approved cloud location
check Contracts and Legal pre-negotiated
check Access auditing
check Scale infrastructure as needed
check Completely Segregated Workspaces
check Data is Encrypted
check Quarterly Penetration Testing
We're proud to be counted as an official Amazon Web Service partner and to have built our platform with AWD. Our users appreciate the speed and reliability that working with AWS have provided us, and have seen noticeable increases to productivity and improvement in their analytical outcomes as a result.
format_quoteIt has been an absolute pleasure working with Data Republic. They have introduced us to a number of clients, and from project get go, the Data Science Workspace they provide came complete with all the data, access, query, analytics and BI tools necessary to apply our IP, experience and expertise to create and deliver unique data products and market offerings. And the DR team are very responsive to requests for support, new data and scaling the platform when more capacity was required. We look forward to many more projects with DR.
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format_quoteThere are three main things that we see getting out of the Data Republic partnership. The first is having access to data we've never had before. Second is the reliability and granularity of the information that this data provides us. Previously we had to obtain data via primary research which had reliability issues, but was also very costly. Third, this sort of data enables us to be more innovative with our insights and we've been able to develop more in-depth data products.
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format_quoteThe bank of the future will be vastly different to even what even the smartest minds can foresee today. We’re building a portfolio of businesses that enable us to achieve innovations and explore and extend our technology to our customers. Our goal is to partner with innovative companies to achieve more. Now with the Data Republic secure data exchange Senate platform, we can ask “What if?” instead of just “Why not?”
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We're proud to be counted as an official Amazon Web Service partner and to have built our platform with AWS. Our users appreciate the speed and reliability that working with AWS have provided us, and have seen noticeable increases to productivity and improvement in their analytical outcomes as a result.

Managing your data with Senate

The Senate platform makes it simple for organisations to manage the ‘shades of grey’ around what data should be shared with whom by providing permitted-use governance controls.

Data warehouse with SQL access

You’ll be able to query your datasets via SQL, building new views and tables, and saving your queries for re-use all from within the Senate platform.

Work with your datasets just as you would if they were stored in your local environment but with the added governed security of Senate.

Web based management console

Via the management console, you’ll also be able to edit the tables associated with your databases, load new data, and set relevant meta descriptions for your datasets.

All of your management needs centralized in one easy interface.

Supports unstructured data types

In addition to your traditional datasets, any and all of your relevant project documents can be loaded as Files, keeping all of your documentation centralized and available for projects.

Ensure proper documentation is always available for all of your projects.

Package data tables for analysis

Onboard users and kick off data projects quickly by packaging guides directly to your datasets, reduce risk by including only the documents people need to the package.

Save time as the packages can be duplicated and reused.

Securely store and access your PII

The security of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) would otherwise be a major hurdle to any type of open data or analytical project, but Data Republic can help alleviate that concern as well as provide matching services for those projects that require second party data.

The Senate platform segregates the handling of PII to a secondary repository called Databank. Working in partnership with Data Republic, Databank provides the underlying identity data matching platform and Data Republic provides the exchange workflow technology and dedicated workspaces for participants to analyse and uncover insights from associated attribute data. Keeping these two types of information, personal information and attribute data, completely separate helps to ensure that individuals cannot be re-identified by any other party without your approval.

On-demand analytical environments driving results

The Senate platform provides on-demand Secure Analytics as a Service environments complete with all of the analytical tools your team needs and alleviates the technical and infrastructure limitations you typically experience trying to kick off analytical projects. The analytical workspaces on the Senate platform come in three different sizes depending on the size of the data you need to ingest into the environment in terabytes, and the amount of analytical power you need. The Data Republic team can assist with your needs evaluation to determine which package of workspaces makes the most sense for you.


Securely-governed environments

Our analytical workspaces are fully confined envirornments used to allow approved people (companies, organisations and staff) to work on shared data in a secure environment to prevent unauthorised uses of your data. You have full audit and version control over all activity in the workspace, and the Senate platform provides you with a governance workflow for approving data egress.

Complete analytical toolsets

Working on our analytical environments won't impact the efficiency of your data analyst teams. All of their standard analytical tools can be loaded in to the environment along with any supplementary datasets or pre-configured analytical algorithms. We support integrations with major BI and data analytics tools and can preload your workspace with licensed versions of selected tools based on your project needs and working requirements.

Simple egress and integration

After your analysis is done, we offer a robust set of egress controls and integrations straight from the workspaces into approved CRM, BI and DMP solutions. We also offer APIs for any custom egress solutions that you'd like to build to support the deployment of your data projects, including the development of custom applications that run in your own technology stack and utilize the Senate platform as a supporting service layer.

Full user management and control with Senate

Value can only be extracted from data if it is made accessible to the right people, and Senate allows you to grant that access with complete confidence that you are in control of data visibility and usage rights at the individual level. The Senate platform features discrete role-based controls allowing you to define your answers to some of the most important questions about your data:

Who is responsible for our data?

When data is spread across multiple repositories with multiple owners, ensuring responsible ownership becomes more difficult to ensure and enforce. Senate can help bring everything together for unified stewardship to improve your governance experience.
  • Ensure a common taxonomy
  • Improve cleanliness and accuracy
  • Create clear ownership maps and business rules for each dataset

Who can use our data and for what?

The Senate platform gives you complete control over the access and use of your datasets through discoverability control and role-based access settings. Define and enable access and reporting requirements to meet your internal and external compliance requirements.
  • Require the proper use of collection statements
  • Manage access authorization requests with a rule based system
  • Constrain the access of specific teams or roles based on the dataset contents

Securely promote data availability

Create listings on your own data marketplace for your datasets or Data Products. Each listing can be enhanced with rich metadata then categorized according along your internal data structure to promote it’s discoverability within your organization. Each listing can also include links to samples of the dataset and any packages you’ve created to help educate potential users about the dataset.

Multiple levels of data openness

Your datasets no longer need to be completely hidden or completely open. With the Senate marketplace, you can set the visibility levels of your datasets to allow the appropriate audiences access, from tightly controlled groups with access to highly confidential datasets to public datasets that are available for download.


API endpoints for data egress

Your data project outcomes are most useful when they can be delivered to where they can be directly actioned. Our API endpoints allow egress into any BI or CRM solution so you can integrate your data listings directly into your other relevant platforms, truly making the most of your data assets.


Audit the marketplace activity

The Senate marketplace allows for full tracking of the levels of activity on your marketplace listings. Track which of your data listings is generating the most interest, which users are interacting with your datasets, and how often a dataset gets used in actual analytical projects on the platform.

Leverage our partner network

Any organization using our Senate platform can take advantage of our extensive partner network, opening up access to industry, technical, or IP experts who can help progress your own data projects.

Centralize your project communications

The Project Spaces feature is a secure way to communicate and share data between Project participants, ensuring that the relevant conversations and documentation for a project can always be accessed by the appropriate participants. You’ll no longer need to manage the governance or access for your analytical projects in multiple locations and tools.

Unique private project spaces

All of your data projects will have their own collaborative space within your browser that consists of all the people, conversations, packages, workspaces, and data products that are active on your datasets. Each of these projects are private by default and available only to the users you’ve invited to participate.

Conversations are tied to projects

The Conversations tool allows you to converse with other users on your project, keeping all of your relevant communications centralized and notifying you when the conversation has progressed. Conversations are private and available only to invitees so you can have separate private conversations within the larger project.

Add packages to projects

Packages can be added directly to the project, with the terms for access to the package managed on a per project basis to allow for collaborative work prior to progressing to a workspace. You can add multiple packages to test different approaches to a problem while allowing contributors to maintain data governance.

Invite the relevant people

Projects can have multiple users added to them via email, allowing them access all open areas of the project, keeping all of the project participants updated. You can add people from any organization to work with, as long as they have a Data Republic account.

Move directly to workspaces

Once you’re ready to move to an analytical workspace, those same packages can be directly moved from within the project to get your analysis going straight away. Packages within a workspace can be worked on by multiple project participants.


Infrastructure that is secure by design

Data Republic’s technology infrastructure has been designed and built from the ground up with protection and security of data at the forefront of every activity. From the initial ingestion of data, through to the processing and use of the analytical workspaces on the platform, Data Republic provides dynamic analysis and data security controls which ensure that datasets and Data Products are protected from un-authorized extraction or access.

All data ingested into Data Republic is secured both in-transit (SSL) and at-rest (KMS). Each contributor organisation, has a unique encryption key meaning no two contributors can decrypt or access each other's data.

This use of encryption keys also ensures that backups are secured, because only encrypted data is backed up. If a Contributor wishes to remove data from the platform, we permanently delete the encryption keys, as well as the data, to ensure that data is never recoverable.

Encryption keys are stored in a highly secure tamper proof HSM cluster. Alternatively, they could be managed using an AWS KMS/RDS system.

Download our security whitepaper


Compliant and secure user management

All users on the Data Republic platform sign and agree to a standardized Participation Agreement which governs how they will interact with the platform and any datasets that they access. The Participation Agreement not only covers all of the users on your instance of the Senate platform, this standard agreement covers any participant on any instance of Senate, so you can also enter into exchange agreements and develop Data Products with Senate users throughout our ecosystem.

The Participation Agreement was developed as a standardized document to alleviate the delays and costs associated with the complicated legal negotiations that used to precede any data sharing or data exchange project.

Your users can be set to discreet roles based on their access needs, allowing you to effectively control who can see and interact with your datasets. Distinct roles can be provisioned for those acting in a stewardship capacity as well as allowing for more casual users with limited rights.

Download the Participation Agreement

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