Realise the potential of secure data sharing with the Senate Platform

Underpinned by a comprehensive legal framework and with unique privacy protections in place, Data Republic’s Senate Data Exchange Platform (DXP) makes it simpler and more secure for organisations to license and share data. 

The Senate Platform acts like a ‘data sharing control centre’ for organisations who want to keep track of the data flowing in and out of their organisation. 

Companies, whose data is stored in secure environments, can customise dataset visibility and approval workflows for internal vs. external parties, govern data requests from the Senate Platform’s internal marketplace and control the licensing terms around how data is provisioned and for what purpose. 

The Senate Platform can be utilised for one-off insight projects or licensed on annual basis to fuel broader data governance, monetisation or data innovation programmes. 



Define specific governance workflows, catalogue visibility, commercial terms and usage rights for datasets. Set team and individual user permissions, access roles and authorities.


Protect customer privacy with secure de-identification and PI management technology. No personal information may be uploaded or shared on Data Republic, all data is anonymised and PI data kept in separate, isolated environments.


Provision data to internal teams and trusted third parties via on-demand cloud analytics workspaces. Collaborate on shared data projects with analysts and expert partners, securely.


Manage data requests, licensing and approved outputs from one central platform while retaining full audit rights and revoke access. Monetise data securely, on your terms.

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What our customers have to say

“The work we have done with Data Republic will not only deliver innovation for companies wanting to improve the customer experience but most importantly, delivers bank-grade security protocols and governance to the storage and management of data.”

Gary Thursby

Chief Strategy Officer, Westpac

"At Qantas we’ve seen the benefit that customer-led innovation can provide to businesses and their customers. We hold the privacy of our customers and their data with the highest respect, so the high level of governance and security that Data Republic applies is highly appealing.”

Lesley Grant

Former CEO, Qantas Loyalty

“This partnership is an important one for Nine as it give us a deeper level of consumer insight than we have ever had while still protecting the identities of the consumers. By being able to marry up users’ offline habits with our existing database we allow advertisers to better target their campaigns and achieve better results. ”

Alex Parsons

CMO, Nine Entertainment


What's possible with the Senate Platform?

Super-charge analytics in your organisation

Securely combine internal, shared and open datasets, then collaborate across teams and departments to unlock insight. 

  • Simple project setup and data provisioning
  • Cloud analytics workspaces = no costly internal IT setup
  • Connect teams on analytics projects across the globe
  • Create a 'closed catalogue ' of datasets - just for your team
  • Secure environments - Full data encryption & egress control

Unlock insight through data enrichment

Request access to powerful transactional and behavioural datasets listed in Data Republic's marketplace.

  • Analyse real data listed by leading brands and service providers
  • Unlock near-real time market share, market sizing and geospatial insights
  • Enrich customer insights and audience profiling
  • Automate ongoing modelling and reporting through simple data licensing

Collaborate with leading companies

Launch collaborative, shared data projects with leading companies in the Data Republic ecosystem.

  • Team up with other major brands and service providers on key analytics initiatives
  • Pool anonymised data across key industry verticals
  • Get expert help on analytics projects - Appoint Certified Partners to work on your data, quickly
  • Host 'data events' like hackathons without risking data security

Grow data revenue

Generate data revenue through data licensing or the development of ready-made Data Products. 

  • Generate data revenue without compromising on privacy protection, data security or commercial risk management
  • Get Data Republic support and tool suites for Data Product development
  • Tap into Data Republic's established ecosystem of analysts, insight-seekers and data owners

Watch a demo of the Senate Platform 

Interested in learning about how Projects work on the Senate Platform? 



Our users love us. This is why.



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    Simply configure governance controls, user permissions and dataset access
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    Governance dashboards help manage requests and projects from start to finish
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    Tools to manage data licensing, risk and reporting back to business
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    Peace of mind - Industry-leading privacy and security controls


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    Manage flows of data in and out of organisation from one central platform
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    Comprehensive legal framework protects data security, customer privacy and commercial risk
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    Cloud-based workspaces and tools for analyst teams (no internal IT setup)
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    Simple, secure way to grow data revenue and ROI

Get Started With The Senate Platform

Join Data Republic and launch your first Project

Utilise the Senate Platform functionality for secure data sharing on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ project basis.


Projects can focus on combining internal datasets across teams or securely enriching data via Data Republic’s marketplace.


Request to become a Senate User and our team will help you get started on an exploratory data sharing project.>

Learn more about licensing the Senate Platform 

License the Senate Platform on an annual basis to govern data exchange controls such as catalogue visibility, access roles, permitted use and licensing terms, across your organization.  


The first step is to meet with our team for a Senate Platform demo and discussion of your requirements.

Deliver data solutions to clients

Interested in using Data Republic’s technology to deliver solutions for clients?


Get in touch with our team for more information on our Partner Program, data catalogue and partner toolkits.