Make your open government data truly open

Data Republic has built a solution to the problems related to the governance of data sharing. Governments who want to solve problems in their jurisdiction now have the ability to partner with their citizens, private and public corporations, industries, and other governments.

Boost Productivity Through Data

Globally, governments have launched open data initiatives to boost productivity both internally and across their constituents and a truly open data market is a key component of accomplishing this.
Governments that can allow their constituencies to easily access their data will see boosts in output from the analysis of that data. Using Data Republic to provide that platform provides internal benefits as well by allowing governments to deploy a proven market solution instead of entering long delivery schedules for tendered projects.

Integrated Open Marketplaces

Increase the value of your government datasets by allowing, where appropriate, for them to be analyzed in conjunction with the many available commercial datasets on the Data Republic platform.
The power of government data in the hands of the public will be enhanced by the richness of the commercial data available on the broader Data Republic marketplace. Businesses in your region will be able to make better decisions and boost their own productivity through the integration of the public data.

Definable Governance Provisions

Government datasets have long been classified into only two groups, safe or unsafe for release, based on how sensitive in nature the information contained in them might be for their constituents.
Data Republic's Senate platform allows government's to meet your obligation to safeguard their constituents data via access controls based on both the sensitivity of the data and the authority of the user. We make it possible to share data (even personalized data) whilst retaining compliance, ethics, and organizational governance.

Flexible Deployment Options

The Senate platform is highly flexible and customizable for your government's needs, including data hosting options and analytical tools that you'll allow to be deployed to use with your data.
If your initiative only calls for access management to your data, Data Republic can provide API Management as a Service while you host your own data. For governments looking for a complete solution, Senate can deliver Big Data Platform as a Service to provide an end-to-end solution.

Data Republic has built a platform specifically designed to allow you complete control over the discoverability and access to your datasets. Let us show you how it works and walk you through the options for a deployment that would meet both your needs and your RFP process.

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Senate beats building your own


As a government, when you're considering your options for addressing your open data initiatives, there are three main choices; build your own with CKAN/DKAN, build your own completely custom solution, or use our Platform as a Service.



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