Secure, governed data access for every type of group

Data Republic's Senate technology can help power your next open data event, allowing you to easily and economically provision analytical workspaces with private or commercial datasets for large groups for controlled access periods.

Senate for Datathons

Organizing a datathon includes opening up analytical workspaces for many individuals, often not directly associated with your company. This can take valuable time away from your internal IT and security teams, and potentially exceed the capabilities of your systems to do properly in a secure fashion. The Senate platform allows you to easily provision and de-provision accounts and workspaces for these types of temporary use cases.

Senate for Social Good

Opening up your own datasets for a social good initiative can be a security and governance challenge. The altruistic outcomes of a rich data exchange can drive real social good so don't let the technical challenges stand in the way. Let the Senate platform help you manage the availabity of your data and the governance of it's use within the project, allowing you to contribute to the greater good while maintaining your data security.

Senate for Education

Data projects in an educational environment have traditionally been limited to anonymized, public datasets with little derivable value because of access and governance concerns tied to personally identifiable or commercial data. Using Data Republic's Senate platform, educational and research groups can partner with commercial organizations to provide compelling datasets that lead to useful analytical outcomes.

The Senate difference

Data Republic's Senate platform offers all the features you'd expect in a local analytical environment plus the additional security and governance tools included by design into our technology.
check Full-Service Analytics Machines
check Expert setup of environments
check Access to Expert Partners
check IT Security
check Version control your own code
check An approved cloud location
check Contracts and Legal pre-negotiated
check Access auditing
check Scale infrastructure as needed
check Completely Segregated Workspaces
check Data is Encrypted
check Quarterly Penetration Testing

Data Republic has built a platform specifically designed to allow you complete control over your analytical environments and data. Let us show you how it works and walk you through the options for a deployment that would meet your needs.

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