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The Senate governance technology solution is ideal for companies looking for a secure means of collaborating with separate divisions, consulting firms or other external bodies on data initiatives or simply require well-governed agile computing infrastructure. Data Republic provides full-support setup of an analytics workspace including all of the tools needed for data preparation, data engineering and data science. As a full-service offering, we’re committed to provisioning secure analytics environments to meet your needs.

Analytics Infrastructure aaS

Senate can be used for the internal rapid deployment of an analytics workspace with all of the normal analytical tools you'd use in a local environment, but secured in our governed virtual workspace.

Data Analytics aaS

When you need to involve an outside analyst, we can rapidly deploy an analytics workspace with all of your normal analytical tools to complete any analytics task in a governed virtual workspace.

Secure Analytics Collaboration

Our secure analytical workspaces are also ideal for collaborative projects involving multiple parties. Using the Senate platform, you can get all the security you need in a virtual environment accessible from anywhere.

Accelerate time to value with Data Republic


Reduce high internal IT setup costs

Leverage the Senate platform for cost effective infrastructure and software setup. The Senate platform will often be cheaper than a comparable local deployment with the same tools and controls, making it ideal for use as a testing ground for new solutions before you deploy them externally.

Speed up internal IT setup time

Get productive quickly. With no hardware or internal resources required, you can quickly be up and running with any platforms or tools you need (such as Spark, Hadoop, R-Studio, Tableau and nearly anything else) on the Senate platform.

Access technical expertise quickly through our diverse partner network

Our certified partner network includes industry-leaders in data analytics and market industry specialists to help you drive maximum yield from data. Senate allows you to grant them governed access to your data quickly and securely.

Ensure governance and security

Effectively manage the governance of your data with Data Republic’s best-practice technology and security infrastructure. Trust that your data is safe on a platform with strong data protection controls, designed from the ground up for security.

Securely combine data to ‘fill in the gaps’ and enrich your own data insights

Easily access valuable proprietary data listed for exchange on the Data Republic marketplace to help enrich your own datasets. Using the Senate platform opens up multiple sources of aggregate or second-party data for your use in your projects.

The Senate difference

Data Republic's Senate platform offers all the features you'd expect in a local analytical environment plus the additional security and governance tools included by design into our technology.
check Full-Service Analytics Machines
check Expert setup of environments
check Access to Expert Partners
check IT Security
check Version control your own code
check An approved cloud location
check Contracts and Legal pre-negotiated
check Access auditing
check Scale infrastructure as needed
check Completely Segregated Workspaces
check Data is Encrypted
check Quarterly Penetration Testing

Data Republic has built a platform specifically designed to allow you complete control over your analytical environments and data. Let us show you how it works and walk you through the options for a deployment that would meet your needs.

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