On-demand analytical environments driving results


The Senate platform provides on-demand Analytics as a Service environments complete with all of the analytical tools your team needs and alleviates the technical and infrastructure limitations you typically experience trying to kick off analytical projects



Securely-governed environments

Our analytical workspaces are fully confined envirornments used to allow approved people (companies, organisations and staff) to work on shared data in a secure environment to prevent unauthorised uses of your data. You have full audit and version control over all activity in the workspace, and the Senate platform provides you with a governance workflow for approving data egress.

Complete analytical toolsets

Working on our analytical environments won't impact the efficiency of your data analyst teams. All of their standard analytical tools can be loaded in to the environment along with any supplementary datasets or pre-configured analytical algorithms. We support integrations with major BI and data analytics tools and can preload your workspace with licensed versions of selected tools based on your project needs and working requirements.

Simple egress and integration

After your analysis is done, we offer a robust set of egress controls and integrations straight from the workspaces into approved CRM, BI and DMP solutions. We also offer APIs for any custom egress solutions that you'd like to build to support the deployment of your data projects, including the development of custom applications that run in your own technology stack and utilize the Senate platform as a supporting service layer.

SAaaS environment options


The analytical workspaces on the Senate platform come in three different sizes; small, medium and large. Which workspace will be required for your project depends on the size of the data you need to ingest into the environment in terabytes, and the amount of analytical power you need. These two factors will influence the amount of drive space and CPUs required for your project. The Data Republic team can assist with your needs evaluation to determine which package of workspaces makes the most sense for you.



Infrastructure that is secure by design

Data Republic’s technology infrastructure has been designed and built from the ground up with protection and security of data at the forefront of every activity. From the initial ingestion of data, through to the processing and use of the analytical workspaces on the platform, Data Republic provides dynamic analysis and data security controls which ensure that datasets and Data Products are protected from un-authorized extraction or access.

All data ingested into Data Republic is secured both in-transit (SSL) and at-rest (KMS). Each contributor organisation, has a unique encryption key meaning no two contributors can decrypt or access each other's data.

This use of encryption keys also ensures that backups are secured, because only encrypted data is backed up. If a Contributor wishes to remove data from the platform, we permanently delete the encryption keys, as well as the data, to ensure that data is never recoverable.

Encryption keys are stored in a highly secure tamper proof HSM cluster. Alternatively, they could be managed using an AWS KMS/RDS system.

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