Journey to the Data Economy

Is your organization prepared for the rapidly emerging open data economy? When data access is unlocked a world of possibilities awaits. But with open data comes many complex challenges: data privacy, data security, permitted use and the value of the outcome from analysis.

Explore how secure data exchange governance approaches and technology can help you realize the true potential of data assets and manage the transition from data silos to open data.


Journey to the Data Economy

  • Understand the path to internal and external data sharing
  • Discover the benefits of open data sharing for business and government entities
  • Learn how to integrate open data principles into an organization

Find out how external data sharing can enable:

  • Real-time application of transactional data to support logistics or shipping the allocation of product and store rollouts
  • Fraud prevention through the pooling of non-identified claims data to help identify data triggers and patterns associated with multiple false claims and fraudulent credit card transactions.
  • Consumer preference data such as that gathered from a major grocer’s loyalty program used by retailers and service providers to identify lifestage propensity personalised marketing strategies and loyalty offers.
  • And more…

Why Data Republic?

With the value of data climbing exponentially and data laws intensifying rapidly, the need for intelligent data tools cannot be overstated. Data Republic’s simple to use platforms offer connection to a global ecosystem of data talent, multi-use legal frameworks and safe data-matching between organizations. Revolutionize the way your data performs by joining Data Republic.

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