Build or buy? Reducing time–to-value for data innovation

The pace of technology innovation is accelerating at an almost exponential rate, making it difficult for IT groups to cope with this pace of change. Organization’s are only just starting to understand the need for a technology solution to facilitate data collaboration to unlock the potential of new data sources.

In the past “build” would win out most of the time. However, due to the emerging data economy organizations must think beyond individual projects and plan for interoperability.

This webinar dissects the pros and cons of building or buying technology to accelerate data-driven innovation, and gives you an understanding of the possibilities data collaboration can offer enterprise organizations.

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Data Republic’s Awah Teh and Joseph Saad discuss:

  • The opportunity to accelerate innovation through data collaboration
  • The pros and cons of building a technical solution for data collaboration
  • How buying data collaboration technology can expand the potential of the innovation agenda and speed up processes
  • Real data collaboration success stories



Why Data Republic?

With the value of data climbing exponentially and data laws intensifying rapidly, the need for intelligent data tools cannot be overstated. Data Republic’s simple to use platforms offer connection to a global ecosystem of data talent, multi-use legal frameworks and safe data-matching between organizations. Revolutionize the way your data performs by joining Data Republic.

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