This week in data – September 14th

To kick-off this week’s reading, we recommend this post from Dell Technologies Fellow, Steve Todd, which explores the process of data valuation during the bankruptcy of US Casino giant, Caesars. With previously unrecognized data assets valued at over US$1billion – it’s a timely reminder for organizations to take a proactive approach to valuing and treating data as a business asset.

Next, our own Head of Product, Dan Austin discusses the relationship between data sharing and the economic theory of the “Tragedy of the Commons.”  Does sharing data decrease its value? Short answer, no but Dan’s ‘why’ is well worth a read!

How can IoT data be used to optimize the supply chain? Dan Gettens from IoT agenda argues that it’s time to rethink traditional supply chain methodologies and leverage the data which is already being generated by devices.

CMO covers our recent partnership announcement with multinational advertising organization, JCDecaux, touching on the great potential of data exchange for more accurate media attribution and campaign personalisation.

From 5 to 70 Data Scientists, this fantastic Kaggle interview with Alok Gupta, Data Science Manager at Airbnb shows the evolution of the data science team at Airbnb.

Finally, this week we were enthralled by a recent data visualization called ‘Tube Heartbeat’ which shows public movement on London’s Tube network.

Until next time.

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