This week in data – October 26th 2016

Google has made waves this week following the quiet announcement that they are dropping their self-imposed ban on personally identifiable web-tracking. The change will see Google user PII, previously kept separate from advertising network DoubleClick, made available for targeting and personalization. The change follows a new wave of personally identifiable tracking being conducted by both Twitter and Facebook. This piece from Pro Publica details the change in Google’s privacy policy and explains the evolution of Google’s position following the acquisition of DoubleClick.

Commbank has made history with Wells Fargo by conducting the first cross-border transaction between banks using multiple block-chain applications. While bitcoin itself isn’t anything new, the deal represents a milestone for the traditional banking industry which at first shied away from the technology. Who knew a shipment of cotton could make news in 2016?

They say the cure for any cancer lies in the careful collection and analysis of genomic data but how can researchers get access to this type of data at scale? WIRED published this compelling article on the complex issue of health data availability and the need for secure, anonymized data exchanges between organizations. #preach

In this interview, Citigroup’s Managing Director of Data Platform Engineering, Michael Simone, reveals the bank’s approach to Big Data strategy, data collection and utilization. An interesting read for organizational data owners.

In other news…

We’re delighted to have been included in H2 Ventures and KPMG’s 2016 Fintech 100. This report celebrates global FinTech innovators naming both disruptive industry leaders and emerging stars. We were pleased to be recognised alongside many incredible Aussie FinTech companies, as well as two other Reinventure portfolio companies, SocietyOne and Coinbase.  Check out the full report.

Until next time.

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