This week in data – November 9th

Nine Entertainment (Nine) has been announced as the first major broadcaster to join our data exchange ecosystem. The partnership will see Data Republic securely provision Nine with offline-grocery segment data to enhance FMCG advertising targeting across the Nine Digital network of more than 15.3m authenticated user IDs.

Announced as part of Nine’s annual ‘upfront event’ for advertisers and brand marketers, this new strategic partnership with Nine will see us work closely with them and other participating Data Contributors to expand advertising targeting capabilities across multiple categories – starting with grocery buyers.

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The Productivity Commission draft report

The biggest news this week however has been industry and media reactions to the release of the draft Productivity Commission report into data availability and use.

The ground-breaking 652-page draft report released last Thursday proposes wide-reaching reforms to the way the government approaches both the sharing of government datasets and the extension of rights for consumers to control the collection and use of their data.

The intent of the draft report is nothing more than a revolution of the country’s data policy framework. The proposed reforms are significant. They represent a paradigm shift away from a system of risk aversion and avoidance, to one based on transparency and confidence in data processes.

Overall, we support the findings of the report as a major step-forward in Australian data -policy, however there is significant detail missing around the proposed implementation and enforcement of these data reforms by both the private and public sector.


With release of the draft PC report, approaches to de-identification and privacy management has become a hot topic for both private and government entities.

Next week, Data Republic CEO, Paul McCarney will join a panel of experts at the OAIC de-identification workshop in Canberra. If you’re interested in attending, find out more here.

Until next time.

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