This Week in Data- November 2

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Look out – here comes the data ethics revolution

Man, everyone loves rules these days. Not that we’re complaining – quite the opposite, in fact. Forbes points out that more tech leaders and businesses are siding with privacy protections. This has created a buzz around the idea of “data ethics” and governance.

This is a huge shift. We’re not just thinking about how to use data – we’re thinking about how to use it responsibly.


“An executive representing one of the nation’s largest insurance companies noted, “We are spending more hours on legal and ethical review of data than we are on data management”. He cited this as a positive and constructive development.”

UK government can’t commit to a data deal

In some not-so-great news, the UK now says it can’t guarantee that a data deal between it and the EU will take place. Not good, considering the UK and the EU can’t really agree – so far- on a deal in the face of Brexit. Digital minister Margot James gave a response in a committee meeting that pretty much amounts to…well, you decide:


“The ball is in their court,” she said. “I can’t give a guarantee because it’s not in the UK government’s gift. It’s a decision that will be forthcoming from the European Union.”

But the UK is all about tax crackdowns

In better UK-related data news, tax evasion is in the crosshairs. The Government says it will spend more money on data-sharing powers, focusing on high net worth individuals. Can’t hide now, rich folks!


“The move “will build on the substantial progress the U.K. has made in tackling offshore tax evasion” since the government launched its last plan in 2014, the U.K. Treasury said Monday as part of its 2018 budget.”

Australia wants in on the action, too

Following the motherland, the Australian Government says it will launch a new set of data sharing laws if it wins the federal election next year. This comes as the Government wants to overhaul a bunch of everyday government services…but the public isn’t too happy about progress so far.


“We have to do what we can to make accessing government services an easy seamless experience, but also to ensure people trust us to make sure any information we have about them is treated appropriately, and that we do respect their privacy.”

Mobile data sharing is way, way out of control

I mean yeah, but…did you really know how bad it is? The Financial Times reported 90% of free apps on the Google Play store share data with its parent company, Alphabet. That’s not good. What’s worse? People just simply don’t know this is happening.


“And many people are not aware how data flows from smartphones to advertising groups, data brokers and other intermediaries, Prof Nigel Shadbolt, who lead the research team, told the BBC.”


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