This Week in Data- November 16

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The EU finally made it easier to share public data

Woohoo! Brexit might be all Europe cares about right now, but this is cool too: the EU has made it easier to share public sector data. Member states can more freely share data sets and tech, including AI. This is no doubt a counter to the rise of AI investment in China and elsewhere – but still, very cool.


“Overall, public sector data will become cheaper. It will normally be available either for free or at marginal cost.”

Singapore creates AI principles and standards

Speaking of AI…Singapore now has principles in place for data analytics and AI. Pretty cool. Right now it’s just for the finance industry, and the rules are designed to encourage the responsible use of AI and data – especially around internal governance. The world looks to Singapore for a lot of influence in data and tech, so this may signal similar moves around the world.


“The FEAT principles provide guidance to the firms offering financial products and services on the responsible use of AI and data analytics to strengthen internal governance around data management and use.”

The secrets to building a data culture

You can’t do anything with data unless your culture is built around it. But how to do that? EConsultancy looks at some teaching on the issue and walks away with some steps. The CEO needs to lead, silos need to be destroyed…but the one that caught our eye? You need to shape a narrative around your information.

So, start telling data stories.


“Data science is all about experimentation, and data artistry is all about expressionism. The data artists are obviously not going to replace the data scientists, but our role is not about just sharing spreadsheets, it’s about telling a compelling story.”

Get eyes on your data!

It goes without saying, but more organizations are having trouble keeping their data visible and secure. InformationAge has an interesting survey which reveals just how bad the problem is: 84% of respondents say their organization needs to make data security compliance. (Only 15% say data is being used in a way that advances the organization.)

One key problem? 43% say their organization uses too many tools.


“…as data becomes more siloed and sprawled, it is tougher to see, manage, access and protect, creating significant challenges”.

The creator of the web wants you to protect your info

The maker himself. Tim Berners-Lee, credited as the creator of the world wide web, has a new start-up that’s focused on giving users control over their own data. You put your information in a “pod”, and companies only get access with your permission. Neat.


“We don’t like talking about ‘owning’ your data. We prefer ‘control.’”

Australia needs a balance in the data economy

The land of Oz is making huge strides in implementing a data-led economy…but there’s a lot of growth to go. There are plenty of discussions to be had around data frameworks, standards and how the country interacts with a global data supply.

Data Republic founder Danny Gilligan will appear at the InnovationAus Dataconomy panel to discuss these issues and more. Drop in, won’t you?


That’s our wrap for this week. Thanks for reading – we hope you found it entertaining and informational. We’d love to hear your thoughts on these articles and anything else data related! Email us anytime at!

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