This week in data – March 29

India’s PM in hot water over data sharing

Geez. Just after the Cambridge Analytica stuff blows up, India’s got its own problems – turns out the Prime Minister’s official app has been allegedly sharing user data. Not cool. The whole security scene there is in an uproar about it.

“Modi’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party denied here the allegations and said the data was being used only for analytics to offer all users the “most contextual content”.”

UK and US researchers won’t share data

Sad face. Turns out researchers in the US, UK and Australia aren’t sharing data as often as their European counterparts. What’s the deal? Well, it’s not because they don’t want to…

“The main barrier identified by researchers for sharing data was being able to organise it “in a presentable and useful way”, which was highlighted by almost half of respondents to the survey (46 per cent).”

Canada’s Royal Bank opens up

The Canadian Royal Bank has started sharing data with software developers to build up some cool new apps. They’re all banking-related of course, but the idea is that they’ll eventually help consumers. Looks like open banking’s getting a worldwide welcome.

“The move is part of a wider trend towards “open banking,” where third-parties such as financial technology startups get access to bank data to develop apps.”

A primer for the CLOUD act

Ever heard of the CLOUD act? Maybe not – it’s slipped under the radar. Basically the USA has just passed a massive piece of legislation that covers data sharing and how companies can use data from overseas.

“Through the CLOUD Act, U.S. law enforcement officials at any level, from local police to federal agents, can force tech companies to turn over user data regardless of where the company stores the data.”

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