This week in data – July 20th

The Office of Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) has released findings of a recent investigation into Coles and Woolworths loyalty programs. Both Woolworths and Coles programs passed the test and were found to handle personal data transparently in accordance with privacy laws.

The report findings were announced alongside a stern warning from Australian Privacy Commissioner, Tim Pilgrim, for consumers to be more aware of the way their data is collected and used. We’ll keep you covered on further investigations which are set to follow into other brand loyalty programs …

Looking to upskill from Data Analyst to Data Scientist? Microsoft has announced a new Data Science Degree being offered as part of its online education program. The Data Science program can be accessed for free (yes, you read that right) and has been designed to be “the first program of its kind to offer employer-endorsed, university-caliber curriculum for professionals at any stage of their career.” Get studying!

Speaking of Microsoft, Dennis Dayman, Chief Privacy Officer at Return Path has shared his opinions on the data implications of Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn.  TL:DR We think he’s hit the nail on its head.

Finally, we peer ‘under-the-bonnet’ to understand the changing role of big data at Volvo.

Are you data professional interested in the role of data governance in business strategy?

Join the team from Data Republic at next week’s 2016 MDM & Data Governance Summit, the largest annual gathering of MDM and data governance professionals in the Asia Pacific. Data Republic CoFounder and Director Danny Gilligan will be presenting on the role of data liquidity in the future economy as well as hosting a panel discussion on the implications of data exchange for data governance.

It’s not to be missed! Get in touch if you’re interested in attending and we can score you an awesome discount.

 Happy Wednesday.

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