This week in data – July 13th

If you’ve been hunting Pikachu on popular app Pokemon Go, it might be time to double-check your Google privacy settings. In the past 24 hours, Niantic Labs, the developer of the popular app has come under fire for their extensive data collection policy. It’s another timely reminder to all businesses to prioritise transparency and customer expectations around the collection and use of data.

Speaking of consumer perceptions on data monetization, saliva-based DNA service 23andMe (yes you read that right) are in the spotlight for on-selling customer DNA data to drug companies.  We found the comments section on this article, featuring multiple consumer perspectives on permitted use, particularly interesting.

 In other news…

TechCrunch brings us the story of the recent explosion in smart-sensor farming technology, the value of the farming data now being generated and the farmers caught up in the race for their data.

The University of Washington has broken a world-record this week, managing to store 200MB of data on strands of DNA.

Finally, SiliconAngle offers some insightful commentary on the big data technology arms race and the needs of the mainstream businesses through which they need to scale.

Happy hump day,

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