This week in data – December 7th

The announcements coming out of the AWS re:Invent cloud conference sent our team into a titter this week – and it wasn’t just the idea of Amazon supporting literal ‘truck-loads’ of data transfer through their new ‘Snowmobile’ offering.

We were particularly excited by the AWS’ new data targeting service, Pinpoint which supports real-time targeting, segmentation, scheduling and analytics of marketing campaigns from a single dashboard. Better yet, the service allows you to import and supplement datasets from other AWS services (S3, Redshift) and external third-party ones like Salesforce.

Their new ETL system, Glue, is also set to make Data Analysts lives everywhere a little easier by making it simpler to move data between numerous databases, apps, and systems, while also making it easier and faster to handle data discovery, mapping, and job scheduling tasks. No word on a release date yet but we can’t wait to see Glue in action.

In other news…

Perpetual Corporate Trust announced that they’re launching a mortgages data platform to help banks stress-test mortgage portfolios and aid in compliance reporting. It’s fantastic to see Perpetual which has access to accumulated data on 150 million loans, leveraging and opening up this data to innovate and solve problems.


  • Business technology executives involved in Smart City projects from around the world have shared their key lessons to successful implementation.
  • Ed Wilder James, VP Technology Strategy at Silicon Valley Data Science, explores the organizational causes of restrictive data siloes and how businesses need to shift their thinking to be able to truly leverage their own data assets.
  • Finally, this piece on open data in the UK public sector offers a thought-provoking classification model for public datasets. The private-public classification and access framework is something our own government will be grappling with in the wake of the Productivity Commission proposed reforms.

Until next week.

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