This Week in Data – August 3

Israeli data real estate startup wins $18 million funding round

It’s a serious one too, with Sequoia and TLV partners on board. The big get here is the company’s AI-powered prediction engine, which uses 50 years of real estate history to make predictions in “seconds” about whether property is a good buy. Commercial real estate is in for a ride.


“Earlier this year, Skyline acquired two residential complexes in Philadelphia for $26 million, after its platform determined the properties were being mismanaged.”

Singapore urges governance in data sharing

The government’s cybersecurity team there has always been on the forefront of data governance, but now it’s upping the game. Ng Hoo Ming, deputy chief of the CSA, says companies using data need to implement governance at the highest level – and that it should be viewed as helping your efforts, not stopping it.


“Stressing the importance of data governance in steering an organization’s data management practices, he urged decision-makers not to dismiss its role during new implementations.”

Trump administration now creating data privacy policy

Working with companies including Facebook and Alphabet, the Trump Administration is now investigating the possibility of creating legislation around protecting consumers’ data. What form that takes? Who knows – but given all the controversy surrounding potential hacking of the upcoming midterm elections, the timing couldn’t be better.


“A person briefed on the matter confirmed that the more than 20 meetings held have included major internet companies like Facebook and Google parent company Alphabet Inc, along with internet providers like AT&T Inc and Comcast Corp and trade associations.”

Dems want to bring GDPR to America

California may have already begun this process through its own laws, but Democratic Senator Mark Warner has started a national effort. Specifically, among a number of proposals, Warner wants to draft legislation similar to Europe’s GDPR – including the concept of first party consent. Intense.


“The document notes that a US central authority would have to be created to enforce any GDPR-like regulation, as while EU member states have their own privacy regulators, the US is lacking any equivalent authority.”

India’s new data law coming quickly

It really does seem like the GDPR has started a movement. Now, India’s data privacy laws come closer to reality after a parliamentary committee drafted a bill. It establishes a central authority for data privacy – and once again, with a heavy emphasis on user consent. We’re seeing a pattern here.


“The proposed bill makes individual consent the centrepiece of data sharing, awards rights to users, imposes obligations on “data fiduciaries”— all those entities, including the State, which determine purpose and means of data processing.”

Well, that’s our wrap for this week. Thanks for reading – we hope you found it entertaining and informational. We’d love to hear your thoughts on these articles and anything else data related! Contact us anytime! 

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