This week in data – August 24th

The AFR has reported on the ‘united front’ many of Australia’s largest banking are taking against mandated open data APIs for banking.

Separate submissions by the ABA, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, ANZ Banking Group, Insurance Australia Group and the Australian Securities Exchange all urge the government to not regulate to mandate open data sharing, however, FinTech Australia insists that an ‘open banking API’ would drive significant benefits for Australian consumers. Open banking APIs have already been mandated in Britain.

Who owns the data we produce every day? Ellen Broad of the Open Data Institute published this thought-provoking article on the nuanced and often complex ownership considerations of data.

Seattle start up, Placed, has created an app that pays people in airline miles in exchange for sharing their location data. The app tracks location data in the phones background, and will occasionally send a survey through for extra airline miles. The apps miles can be used for airlines Alaska, United and Hawaiian. The data Placed captures can also be used to uncover behavioral insights on users, recently they shared data on the most popular retailers for Pokémon Go players.

Is Australia making progress when it comes to government policy on open data? Alex Malley, Chief Executive of CPA has questioned the consistency of public policy on open data citing the continued privatization of the ASIC registry. How much will ASIC data cost to access in the future? We’ll have to wait to find out.

PS – We’re just one week away from the 2016 Hadoop Summit in Melbourne. Our CTO, Ryan Peterson is in town for the event.

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Until next time.

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