This week in data – 5th April

The controversy around the US FCC ruling on ISP data monetization reached Australian shores this week with Jodie Sangster, CEO of ADMA, coming out in support of the ruling which she argues lessens the regulatory burden on US business. With the upcoming release of the Productivity Commission report into data availability, Sangster warned against privacy ‘overreach’ which could impact the Australian economy and our digital competitiveness with global players.

Tesla has drawn criticism from car owners and privacy advocates for its data disclosure policies and practice of ‘correcting the record’ around driver error in car accidents where its automation software, Autopilot, is claimed to be a factor. Many argue that Tesla car owners should have more access and control over where and how their driving data is collected and used.

On a slightly weirder note, Norway has taken data protection to a whole new level with the launch of a new ‘doomsday vault’ for countries to store their significant cultural data in case of the collapse of global human society. Eeek!

In other news…

Both the Commonwealth Bank and Optus have announced new data ventures this week.

Optus is planning to launch a data science ‘start up’ focused on mining and monetizing enormous telco, mobility and video datasets. It’s a little mysterious at this stage but we can’t wait to hear more.

While, over at the Commonwealth Bank, they’re giving back to SME banking customers by delivering key transactional data insights to SME owners (for free) via a new interactive analytics platform.


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Until next week.

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