A Guide to Data Exchange

Data exchange is critical to staying afloat in a fast-evolving industry. We explain everything you need to know.

Forward-thinking business leaders who want to future-proof their firms must understand the importance of both data exchange and data collaboration. But what do these terms actually mean and how can you apply them to your daily operations? Out in-house experts share everything you need to know to thrive in a fast-evolving industry.


Data exchange framework

Companies are gaining competitive advantages thanks to the data economy. But to ensure universal compliance, a data exchange framework is essential.

Here, you’ll discover what a data exchange framework entails, as well as how a data exchange policy is essential to finalize all the details of your data sharing initiative. We will also walk you through the essential components of a data exchange framework so you can jump into the data economy with full confidence.


Data exchange platform

Two businesses sharing information is only the tip of the data economy iceberg. To extract real value, a data exchange platform is essential.

Here, you’ll learn about the power of data exchange platforms, as well as why their 24/7 availability is the perfect data environment for businesses around the world. We will also touch on the significance of high-quality security measures for any enterprise keen to invest in a powerful data exchange platform.


How does data exchange work?

In order to leverage the full power of data sharing, you first need to understand its intricacies.

That raises an all-important question: how does data exchange work?

Here, you’ll uncover the basics of how data exchange works, as well as the leading technologies that are supporting enterprises as they attempt to derive valuable insights from pools of data. We’ll also explore the market leaders who are using data exchange to their advantage – from Uber to Atlassian and beyond.


Data exchange agreement

Are you getting the most out of your data sharing initiatives? If you think there’s more to gain, then it’s time to implement a better data exchange agreement.

Here, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of data exchange agreements as well as why they are essential for any enterprise. We’ll also provide an outline for a generic agreement that you can customize to your own needs, and share insights on the GDPR and its effectiveness since being introduced.

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