[PRESS RELEASE] Data Republic resets strategy with new Data Sandbox product, connecting enterprise data with startups and innovators


Data Republic today announced the launch of its new product, the Data Sandbox. The launch of this new solution signifies Data Republic’s transition away from a data marketplace to networked enterprise software. The Data Sandbox is a secure and collaborative environment that enables enterprise organizations to connect their data to the world’s best people, apps, algorithms, without compromising data security or privacy.

 This transition highlights Data Republic’s laser focus on delivering value to customers and meeting market demand as data sharing maturity increases in a post-COVID world. Today, leaders understand the need to maximize data potential and get more value from their data assets. However, rapid innovation and value creation requires connecting enterprise data to the outside world, which can be risky, time-consuming, costly and complex to manage. 

Data Republic’s Data Sandbox is purpose-built for secure, scalable and lawful data sharing across highly regulated sectors including banking, insurance and healthcare. The cloud-based solution, which recently achieved information management security system certification (ISO 27001:2013), provides governed access workflows, data license agreements and secure analytics workspaces. The Data Sandbox helps clients overcome internal data, talent and tooling limitations by making it easy and safe to connect their high-value data with innovators outside their four walls.


Danny Gilligan, Chief Executive Officer of Data Republic, said it is time for enterprises to tap into the global pool of data-driven innovation.

In a post-COVID world, the companies who will win are the ones that are data-driven. It’s no longer enough to rely on internal systems and people, enterprises need to connect to the outside world of innovators. 

The Data Sandbox enables enterprises to connect real data with external experts and technology securely. It’s a game-changer that allows enterprise leaders to work with the best developers around the world, evaluate leading AI and ML vendors and host data-intensive hackathons to solve real-world challenges. The Data Sandbox maximizes data potential with less risk, less costs and fewer resources.


Speaking about Data Republic’s transition from a data marketplace to enterprise software, Gilligan said:

We’ve learned a lot about what our clients need since the inception of Data Republic. In making a data marketplace work, we had to solve the issue of trust between parties who don’t know each other.  Our transition from a marketplace has seen us build those capabilities into networked enterprise software that we now offer all our clients. We see this as the future where every enterprise connects their data to the outside world of innovation with a Data Sandbox.


Esdeco is a leading medical innovation organization that combines pioneering software and data science to advance digital diagnoses.

Sylvie de Swardt, Founder and Director of Esdeco said:

As an external software and analytics company, the Data Sandbox provided a mechanism for establishing trust between Esdeco and a large enterprise.

It enabled us to quickly launch a proof of concept project, which was only made possible through access to and use of the Data Sandbox. It helped us to establish trust, build credibility and put collaboration at the center of the project. This allowed us to achieve our objective of solving real-world medical challenges in a faster and safer way.”


The Data Sandbox enables enterprise organizations to accelerate and scale data-driven innovation, whilst maintaining privacy and security at all times. For more information about the Data Sandbox contact Data Republic.

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