PRESS RELEASE – Data Republic opens Singapore office


Data Republic, Australia’s leading data sharing platform, today announced the opening of a new office in Singapore as part of the organisation’s expansion into the Asia-Pacific region.

Joining the Australian Government’s Singapore Landing Pad program, Data Republic’s launch in Singapore follows continued interest from major regional players in Data Republic’s unique data sharing technology platform and governance framework.

Data Republic’s Singapore launch was announced by Australian Minister for Jobs and Innovation Michaela Cash during her visit to the Australian Government’s Singapore Landing Pad offices in Singapore.

Announcing the Singapore expansion, Data Republic CEO Paul McCarney said:

Singapore is famous for its commitment for innovation – so we’re very excited to launch Singapore’s own Data Republic.

Our technology is already trusted by some of Australia’s largest banks, airlines and governments to effectively govern privacy and data security risks while sharing data – but we recognise that maintaining this balance between data liquidity and privacy is a global challenge. Given our growth and the demands of our global clients, expanding to Singapore makes sense.

We’re looking forward to supporting the Singaporean state’s ambition to be a world leader in the emerging global data economy.

Data Republic is finalising the appointment of a Country Manager and is in late-stage discussions with launch clients.

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