Intel and Data Republic partner to solve federated analytics

We’ve recently been working on something truly innovative.

Data Republic and Intel have partnered to explore federated analytics solutions for global financial services providers. Federated analytics enables businesses to gain insights from disparate data sources, without the data having to be moved to one central environment.

Data Republic offers the governance and discovery layer for managing multi-party data collaboration projects, and Intel is providing the federated analytics solution for how analytics is operationalised across different companies and environments.

By bringing the algorithm to the data and governing the outputs, Data Republic and Intel are changing the analytics status quo for FSI providers.

Mike Blalock, General Manager for Financial Services Industry at Intel discussed the goal for this partnership:

If we can unlock the value of the data and enable it to be shared more broadly while maintaining privacy and security, it increases its value and impact. Our goal is to develop a new approach to analyzing data that helps to ensure privacy and protect IP, while also supporting collaboration across distributed datasets that may contain proprietary or protected information.

Read more about the federated analytics project between Data Republic and Intel, here.

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