Research Partnerships

University researchers can offer immense value when working on real data. Forge research partnerships with prestigious institutions fueled by your data. The Data Sandbox eliminates concerns surrounding data security, so research and development can be carried out quickly and seamlessly.


The Data Sandbox for Research Partnerships

Connect to global institutions

Connecting your data to the world’s best universities and research institutions has never been simpler thanks to Data Republic’s Data Sandbox. Secure collaborative development environments allow for data to be accessed safely and quickly, allowing you to work with researchers based around the world to develop new solutions and explore ideas using real data.

Foster R&D partnerships

Forge research and development partnerships with prestigious institutions fueled by your data. With user access permissions, data license and audit trails in place, you can be confident your organization’s data is only used for the agreed purposes.

Social good outcomes

Put your data to work to solve real social problems. The Data Sandbox can help connect data to researchers tackle social, economic and health problems in new ways. With secure access to data through the Data Sandbox, researchers can use accurate insights to inform decision making.

Streamline data access

Retain control and audit access of datasets when sharing with university researches. The Data Sandbox is a safe environment to connect researchers with your data. With the Data Republic platform, all facets of data-driven research and development are streamlined.


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Data Sandbox?


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