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There's a big world of data out there beyond your own channels. Data Republic helps you connect the dots to better understand your customers. Our marketplace offers powerful transactional and behavioral datasets, allowing you to unlock customer preferences, behaviors and propensities, and enrich datasets for campaign deployment. Browse ready-made Personalization Data Products or develop your own by accessing data from our ecosystem.

All Personalization Data Products adhere to privacy law and may only be deployed to consenting customers.


Matchable attributes on consenting customers

With unparalleled dataset coverage, Data Republic's ecosystem enables companies to enrich customer data to better understand behaviors, preferences and demographic trends.

Near Real-time Data

Your intent models are only as relevant as they are timely. Build your analytics on top of recent, frequently refreshed datasets covering both intent and activity for your customers to improve sales and retention efforts.

Deliverable to You

Utilize common integrations or our custom APIs to deliver results directly into your CRM or analytics tools, getting the right information directly into your workflows for immediate action.

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Data Republic connects you to platform-certified, expert consulting partners who can work with you to deliver bespoke targeting solutions for your customers. Click on the logos below to review individual Partner Profile and get in touch with experts.

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