Intelligence in Motion

WEJUGO is a location intelligence technology, analytics and data business. We create personalised experiences for our customers through artificial intelligence, geospatial analytics and Internet of things.

WEJUGO uses predictive analytics and customer location data to serve rich travel content to our customers at the relevant stage in their destination search journey. This is delivered through our content marketing platform and API's.

WEJUGO creates insights around travel and tourism participation and preference through a combination of geospatial, transactional and search data. Tourism marketers and analysts can access insights and custom reports through our compass geospatial analytics platform.

Services we offer:

  • Technology solutions consulting
  • Content marketing solutions
  • Travel risk notifications and advisory
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • NLP and artificial intelligence
  • IoT data analytics and reporting
  • Geospatial analytics and mapping
  • Location based behavioural insights


Our core customer segments:

  • Data driven marketers
  • Market research professionals and analysts
  • Tourism and travel operators
  • Geospatial analysts



WEJUGO is driven by a passion to excite our clients. We strive to bring world-class innovation to the travel and tourism sector. Our team have been delivering advanced analytics solutions and technology solutions to major Australian and global businesses for the past 20 years. We look forward to our next adventure and hope you can join us on the journey.

This partner is available to work with you on a bespoke Data Product. Please contact the partner to discuss your specific project requirements.