Taylor Fry is a leading independent consultancy firm providing analytical and actuarial advice to government and business.

Taylor Fry is a leading independent consultancy firm that offers analytics, actuarial, statistical and policy advice to business and government.

Taylor Fry is expert in:

  • General insurance actuarial, statistical and policy advice to the insurance industry, self-insurers and accident compensation schemes, and
  • Analytics, data mining and modelling services to government departments and businesses in the insurance, banking, telecommunications, retail, aviation and energy sectors.


Taylor Fry was created to meet a gap in the market for excellent personalised actuarial services. Our founding vision was to add real value to our clients’ business and to create a sustainable working environment that would encourage staff to build long-term, mutually rewarding relationships with clients.

Analytics Services

We use cutting-edge methods to custom-build solutions for our clients to maximise the value of the data they have captured on their business, customers and markets. Our analysts work with government and business to identify unexploited pockets of profitability, or to determine the most efficient and cost-beneficial way of allocating resources.

Customer Insights solutions

Portfolio & resource optimization

GI Technical Pricing & optimization

Competitor Intelligence

Government Analytics

Our analytics clients include:

  • Government departments seeking to gain insight into their operations in order to make informed investment decisions and improve outcomes for their stakeholders
  • Insurers looking to unlock value in their portfolios through better understanding their client base, optimising their pricing and competing effectively in the market
  • Banks seeking to increase cross-selling opportunities and make optimal use of resources
  • Companies from the telecommunications, retail, aviation and energy sectors seeking to extract additional value from their customer data.


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