The media sector deserves better intelligence.

Standard Media Index is the world’s only provider of primary-source advertising expenditure data, with the data taken directly from the booking systems of our global media Agency partners. Their actual payment data is mapped to create Media and Product Category ad spend data bases, all of which are updated on the 15th of each month. SMI launched in Australia in 2009, but is now also providing Media and Category data in the US, UK and NZ markets.

Standard Media Index provides the only clear picture on how ad dollars are being spent – from Television to Digital – sourcing our expenditure data directly from the leading global media buyer firms. Actual ad spend. Not estimates.


SMI provides the only like-for-like monthly view of advertising demand across all Media, major Media Sectors and Product Categories each month. The data is used to inform competitive analytics, sales and marketing strategies and to maximise revenue opportunities.

SMI’s Product Category ad spend database is the only source of ad spend for ALL major media sectors. In the Digital world that includes sectors such as Social Networking Sites, the online Programmatic market and online Search. And outside the Digital world the Category data can be seen for sectors such as Street Furniture, Subscription TV, Metropolitan Radio and Retail Outdoor.

The SMI Product Category database covers 40 major categories (examples include Travel, Gambling, Auto Brand, Toiletries/Cosmetics) and a further 120 sub-categories for the Digital media (in Digital, for example, Travel data breaks into the sub-categories of Airlines, Hotels/Accom, Govt Tourist Bureaux). This sub-category data is also available for all Digital sectors.

SMI’s Digital data also includes ad spend for all media vendors and categories shown by Ad Format (ie Display, Video, Mobile etc), website Content Genre (ie how much did Travel companies spend on Travel websites v News websites?) and Buy Type (Direct or Third Party purchasing).

This partner is available to work with you on a bespoke Data Product. Please contact the partner to discuss your specific project requirements.