We Deliver Results! We Deliver What We Promise! We Deliver PROJECT EXCELLENCE!

At Seisma, we understand that success is all about sustaining long-term relationships. With a 10+ year strong track record, we are a leading business and technology consulting practice.

We understand that every business is different and that round pegs don’t fit in square holes.

We listen to you and pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our approach to suit your business. The methodologies we use are broad, ranging from those that are well-known and trusted, to our clients’ own proven methodologies.

Our professional yet adaptable approach allows our staff to integrate into your business and we work in partnership with you right from the start.

We offer business and technology consulting services covering the entire lifecycle of a program.

We shape your vision into a plan, manage your development, design your cloud and data strategy and leverage your asset by managing organisational change. Our experience and expertise will support you from concept to delivery.

Our History

Seisma’s foundation is built on its vision and sound values. From the very beginning, it has been clear that the Seisma brand and its people are the cornerstones upon which true success has been built. We are proud that the same vision and values continue to hold strong today.

From our inception in 2004 Seisma established itself as a business consulting firm offering project services to Financial Services companies. The growth since then has been steady and consistent, gradually incorporating software development, data management and analytics, organisational change, design, architecture and strategy.

Today, Seisma has over one hundred staff working across multiple organisations across the Financial Services, ICT, Government, and Utilities sectors.

As a privately-owned and managed company, we have always been free to focus on what best serves our people and our clients.

Our vision is to continue to be a leading consulting firm working with you to deliver your vision. At the forefront of our organisation we have a strong leadership team firmly aligned to our vision and our values.

This partner is available to work with you on a bespoke Data Product. Please contact the partner to discuss your specific project requirements.