Driving more effective branding and communications

Who we are

Metrix Consulting is a marketing insights and strategy firm that connects data from multiple sources to drive more effective branding and communication.

We understand the challenges facing marketers today, thanks to the explosion of information alongside the continued fragmentation of marketing channels.

Our focus is on helping our clients navigate this complexity by connecting all the dots and providing a total business view. We translate information into insight that drives meaningful action, and delivers a stronger ROI for businesses and brands.

Through our partnership with Data Republic, we aim to:

  • Uncover new insights that were not previously possible via primary research
  • Make insights more reliable and robust
  • Make insights more affordable through standardised methodologies and automation

What we do

We work with clients across the business planning cycle to:

  1. Identify the best opportunities for growth
  2. Develop strategies and ideas that deliver growth
  3. Refine strategies and ideas to maximise in-market potential
  4. Measure and diagnose in-market performance

We work with our clients to determine the approach that will deliver the best outcomes, drawing on an extensive toolkit, including primary research, big data and market intelligence.

Bespoke Consulting: Tailoring an approach to address a specified challenge or opportunity. Our solutions are underpinned by three core principles:

  1. Definition - Understanding and defining the real challenge or opportunity
  2. Multi-lens - Connecting data from multiple sources and looking at the problem from all angles
  3. Action – Communicating our insights and recommendations in a compelling way to inspire creative and potent marketing ideas

Turn-Key Research Products: Delivering actionable insights faster and cheaper via simplified and streamlined brand and communications research products. The latest evidence-based marketing and decision-making science underpins both the research process (e.g. mimicking real world situations), and our measurement models.

Big Data Products: Creating innovative and automated solutions using big data to meet common insight needs. These products help to drive more effective marketing decisions at different stages of the business planning cycle.

Market Insights

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