Big data. Big ideas.

Max Kelsen is a boutique digital agency specialising in analysing big data, providing insights from data sources including social media, online user behaviour, and internal company data.

Max Kelsen takes big data and turns it into big ideas. We utilise cutting-edge technologies to provide powerful insights, innovative strategies, and tailored solutions for your business. We are experts in AWS Cloud environments, geo-spatial data (GIS), social media listening and analytics, big data analytics, business intelligence, and start-up support and coaching.

Big Data Models and Analytics

We turn big data into usable insights. Every organisation now has access to a huge amount of valuable data. But the challenge lies in being able to find meaning in this data. We combine, analyse and extract value from multiple data sources, transforming big data into practical strategies that work for your business. In addition, our connections with key data partners enable us to workwith a range of unique, highly specialised big data sets such as retail transaction data, road traffic data, and social media. Our team of data scientists and mathematicians specialise in big data analytics and can create mathematical models and reports to improve your marketing, advertising and customer profiling.

Machine Learning, AI and Automation

Let machines do the work for you. As technology advances, the future of an AI-dominated world comes ever closer. Machine Learning is a crucial stepping stone towards that future. We have access to a suite of Machine Learning services including Natural Language Processing (NLP), IBM Watson, Tensor Flow and Deep Detect. We can automate your tedious marketing tasks, increase the efficiency of your electronic filing and document searching, and create new ways of calculating and exploring customer segments. Machine Learning is here to stay, so let Max Kelsen make it work for your business.

Social Analytics

We make sense of social. Social media represents the largest unsolicited consumer opinion dataset in the world. By tapping into over a trillion posts across all the major social platforms we’re able to deliver practical insights on any topic, brand, industry, public figure or news event. With our suite of social listening tools, we can track and analyse trends in real-time. And we can even access up to 8 years of historical data to explore trends both past and present.

This partner is available to work with you on a bespoke Data Product. Please contact the partner to discuss your specific project requirements.