Machine intelligence for behavioral analytics

Hyper Anna is an Artificial Intelligence powered data analyst. You interact with her as you would with another person. Anna does all the tedious and technical work of writing code, analysing data, producing charts & more importantly insights – all things that come along with data analytics.

Think Siri over the top of your organisation’s database that enables you to ask plain English questions about the key drivers of your business!

The Hyper Anna advantage
With Hyper Anna, unleash your company’s data (customer interactions, finance, compliance, supplier activities, HR etc.) to power high-impact use cases, including cross-sells/up-sells, expense management, revenue forecasting, supply chain management and many more.

Any business. Any role.
Whilst Anna provides the entire business from Data and BI teams, to Marketing, Sales and Operations teams with self-service insights, we find that the most life-changing and transformative change is for the business users; those who are in Marketing, Sales and Operations teams.

Make smarter, faster decisions.
With no app and nothing to download, you can access your data and get insights anywhere anytime. Hyper Anna is the AI powered data agent at your fingertips 24/7.

Hyper Anna is proudly working with Westpac, IAG, Microsoft and other Financial institutions in Australia and internationally.

This partner is available to work with you on a bespoke Data Product. Please contact the partner to discuss your specific project requirements.