Our mission is to deliver effective and innovative business solutions in a data-centric world. We drive long term success for our clients and partners by listening and challenging conventional thinking.

Founded in 2009, Greater Data specialise in providing innovative data-driven communications solutions. Our focus is on developing bold new segmentations and insights to improve both targeting and marketing efficiencies. We provide a unique mix of consumer data sets, insights and trigger communications opportunities which are applicable to a vast multitude of business problems in a broad number of industries.

Data Enrichment – by augmenting our clients' view of their customers we drive confidence in marketing communications allowing an improved customer experience through next-best-action marketing.

Analytics – Using leading edge analytical techniques combined with our proprietary data assets, we are able to provide unique insight to our clients.

Segmentation – With a wide range of unique segmentation variables we have the assets to provide meaningful segmentation to our clients to drive retention, cross sales and acquisition.

Prospect Data – We drive multi-channel, fully integrated campaigns to our client’s prospective audience through traditional and progressive channels. This allows our clients to maximise touch-points with the right prospects by delivering targeted messaging.

Digital enablement – We increase our client’s digital footprint by matching their customer database to The Greater Data Universe™. This allows our clients to identify the prospects whose needs and behaviours align most with their current customers, driving effective targeted marketing communications via social media, email and online display.

Data Cleansing & Processing – We are a market-leading bureau with proprietary matching routines which have been developed and refined over 8 years. The Greater Data Universe™ is rebuilt on a monthly basis, ensuring our data is always up to date.

“Greater Data provided us with vast layers of individual-level insights conveniently bundled into an easy to use segmentation tool. Our Next Best Action efforts are now more defined – allowing us to focus our communication and marketing strategies more effectively. We enjoy being able to explore new initiatives with Greater Data which enable us to deliver accurate, relevant and timely communications to our existing customers and prospects alike.”
Jenny Van Zyp, Strategic Insights Manager – Stockland

This partner is available to work with you on a bespoke Data Product. Please contact the partner to discuss your specific project requirements.