Taking your data where it's never gone before

As one of the biggest employers of actuaries, our consultants are true ‘data experts’.

Market-leading technical analysis is a core part of everything we do. But that’s only part of the picture, ultimately our reputation rests on our delivery of high quality advice with a focus on practical, commercially-aware solutions that add value.


Defin’d is Finity’s unique big data, analytics and consulting service.Defin’d takes the hard work out of finding meaningful consumer insights and gives you access to a team of market leading data experts.

How it works?

The Defin’d cloud based dataset combines a complete and current representation of Australian households. We overlay this dataset with your own business customer or market data, revealing insights into consumer needs, behaviours and consumption.

Our consultants turn these insights into actionable, commercially focused business recommendations and outcomes. This can include segmenting markets for business expansion, identifying look-alike and act-alike consumers, and more.

The Defin’d difference

Unlike other big data solutions in the market, Defin’d data represents the entire Australian population and the area they live in to give you a complete and current representation of all Australian households.

Defin’d offers an unprecedented level of detail and when combined with your own business data, reveals powerful insights into current and potential customer needs and behaviours.

For more information visit defind.com.au


  • Behaviour data analytics
  • Customer centric data analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Transactional data analytics
  • Profiling
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer strategy
  • Propensity modelling
  • Customer segmentation
  • Market intelligence
  • Pyschographic analysis
  • Store-site optimisation
  • Financial modelling and reporting
  • Lifecycle marketing strategy


We consider the Finity management consulting team to be one of our valued business partners whom we can rely upon to find exceptional solutions for our business challenges.The team at Finity are experienced, professional, and competent and their customer service, thoroughness and follow through is always outstanding. We look forward to working with them on future projects and would highly recommend their services without qualification or hesitation.
David Russell, Chief Executive - Insurance RAA Group

This partner is available to work with you on a bespoke Data Product. Please contact the partner to discuss your specific project requirements.