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eGentic are global leaders in digital consumer research and lead generation with 10 years’ experience operating in 35 countries around the world countries for over 1,000 clients.

This partnership will give Data Republic users secure access to eGentic’s consumer attribute data on over 2.5 million Australians which can be used to deliver customer profiling insights.

Drawn from opt-in digital surveys, eGentic’s declared attribute datasets reveal rich demographic information like age, gender, personal income, current residential status as well as life stage and brand preferences like the presence of children, car make and model, current energy provider and financial goals.

What’s possible with eGentic datasets?

  • Enrich marketing personas and customer profiles with up-to-date declared data from real individuals
  • Compare customer attributes across geographies (down to postcode level)
  • Build segments and propensity models for marketing targeting
  • Combine with other datasets listed on Data Republic to further reveal life-stage intent signals and behaviours


Personalization Solutions

Car Ownership & Model Preference

Life stage signals – Car Ownership