About our Partners

We provide the technology and access to data. Our partners deliver the projects.

We believe that the full value of data is best unlocked by analytical experts and industry specialists. Technology is our game, not professional services. That’s why we promote our diverse partner network to deliver amazing results for clients.

Whether you’re looking for an industry specialist to assist with an internal analytics project or you’re a partner looking to access Data Republic technology on behalf of a client, our Partner Ecosystem is here to support you.

Certified Partners

Our Certified Partners are the experts at using our technology to build powerful data insights for clients.  

They have formally executed our Participation Agreement and their teams have been certified to use our technology – giving them full access to the Open Data Marketplace and the ability to build bespoke Data Products for clients.

Alliance Partners

Alliance Partners work with Data Republic through technology integrations and aligned go-to-market strategies. Together we maintain positive mindshare to better serve all customers.

Why Partner with Us?

Retain your IP

We understand the value of your industry experience and IP. You’ve got the team and the experience to deliver and support complex data analysis projects. Data Republic does not have its own professional services resources, so we won’t be competing with you. Our legal frameworks ensure that your IP is retained and protected for all projects.

Access valuable data

Our Open Data Marketplace gives you access to high fidelity Data Listings from major service providers, including retail, grocery and banking Data Contributors. You already have the subject matter expertise. Now you can unlock data insights previously unavailable to deliver even more value to clients. Uncover powerful insights for your clients.

Build new revenue streams

Data Republic’s unique technology ecosystem and secure marketplace functionality allows you to utilize high fidelity data to build new Data Products and in turn leverage your expertise to grow new revenue streams. Whether it’s a specialized propensity model, algorithm or feed, we support partners to build and list Data Products on our Open Data Marketplace.

Get support when you need it

Partners are highly valued part of our technology ecosystem – so we like to care of them! Our partners get access to online/offline platform training, sales collateral and pitch support, co-marketing opportunities and promotion via our website and on the platform itself.

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We have now closed Data Republic’s 2016 partner intake to focus on supporting launch partners through our closed beta.

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