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NSW Government picks Data Republic to launch data sharing platform

Data Republic is providing the foundation for a new secured data sharing platform for the NSW Government after winning a public sector tender. The Senate data marketplace... Read More


How much is your data really worth?

Earlier this year, The Economist proclaimed "the world’s most valuable resource is longer oil, but data."" The Economist was speaking about a new global economy – the data economy. An economy that is about collecting, storing and analysing streams of data that arise... Read More


Managing the privacy and security complexities of open data

There is a clear opportunity for Australia to be a global leader in the data sharing industry with the Productivity Commission releasing its final report on Data Availability and Use shortly. But first there has to be a mind shift around the concept of trust and data sharing.... Read More


It’s time to update your data strategy: Data can be asset and a currency

The humble trends prediction is an editorial mainstay of many a tech industry publication. And when it comes to big predictions, few claim as much real estate as big data. In December 2014… Read More

Why marketers only see 1% of their customers’ lives – and how to unlock insights on the rest

Whenever I’m asked about the main ingredients of a successful marketing campaign, I can’t go past the need for greater knowledge of the customer. It’s the foundation on which all… Read More

Why innovation using data must be private by design

We’re experiencing a new age in data. The huge surge digital interactions and subsequent generation of big data not only provides insights which connect us, but can also improve our daily lives… Read More

Understanding best-practice security principles of data exchange

In the face of increasing data breaches and hacks, more and more companies are engaging in expensive and time-consuming practices to secure and protect proprietary data access. The problem? Analysts know… Read More

Redefining data as an asset: Why your data might be worth more than you think

Businesses of the 21st century are undergoing a fundamental shift in how they think about data. What was once viewed as a costly resource to help an organization make a… Read More

How to prepare your business for data exchange and commercialization

As the worlds of data science and business collide, more and more companies are starting to question the value of the proprietary information at their fingertips, and the ways their… Read More

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