About Our Partners


We provide the technology and access to data. Our partners deliver the projects.

We believe that the full value of data is best unlocked by analytical experts and industry specialists. Technology is our game, not professional services. That’s why we promote our diverse partner network to deliver amazing results for our users by combining their expertise with our secure platform.



Data Science & Analytics Experts

We realize that not everyone has an analytics group or data scientist on staff for projects, so we've built a partner network of experts to support you. Our partner network gives you acess to the rich data science and analytics experience that you need to get your project done.

Certified Platform Users

Our Certified Partners have been trained and accredited on the use of our platform, and there's no need for complex legal negotiation - they are authorized legal participants in our ecosystem which means that your data and confidential information is protected at all times.

Rich Industry IP

Our partners aren't just analytics experts, they're industry experts. You can leverage decades of experience and IP with partners who specialize in retail, insurance, finance, property and more to manage projects through to completion or supplement your internal resources.

Why Use a Partner?

Expand your capacity

Even if you have an internal analytics team, they are often already engaged on existing projects. Data Republic gives you direct access to some of the best analytical teams available, when and as you need them.

Acquire industry expertise

Data Republic's partners cover a wide range of industries and can offer expert opinions and guidance on not just the data, but also what it means to you and what you should do about it.

Immediate data expertise

Our partners are engaging with the data available on our platform on a regular basis, allowing you to skip the time you'd otherwise need to allocate to the exploratory phase of development.


Browse Potential Partners

Our Certified Partners are the experts at using our technology to build powerful data insights for clients.


They have formally executed our Participation Agreement and their teams have been certified to use our technology – giving them full access to the Open Data Marketplace and the ability to build bespoke Data Products for clients.


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If you need some help finding a Certified Partner, please feel free to reach out to us to help you get started.

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