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Data Republic’s marketplace features transactional and behavioral datasets that help you to connect the dots and build a more complete picture of both your customer base and business in the market. Unlock life stage intent signals, reveal propensities and build more accurate risk and growth models.

Data Products are delivered at an equalizeraggregate insight level or track_changestargeting level depending on data source.


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How it all works

Data Republic features a wide range of available datasets covering every aspect of the finance industry with transactional data, web browsing data, and market basket data available at both the individual and aggregate level.

Organizations list datasets on Data Republic's secure data exchange platform

Participating organizations, who have applicable privacy policies, list de-identified datasets on Data Republic's secure platform. These datasets can be securely exchanged and combined with another organization's data or used to build Data Products, ready-made data solutions, that can be purchased on the Data Republic online marketplace. Data Republic helps Data Contributors manage the governance, security and privacy compliance of data exchange with external parties.

Expert Partners build Data Products

Data Republic's ecosystem of Partners and Users can then browse available datasets, many of which have never been open for commercial exchange or analysis, to identify types of data which could answer a question or solve a business problem. If they're interested in accessing data they can submit a request to a Data Contributor outlining how they intend to use the listed dataset. The proposed Data Product could be a report, a new type of data dashboard, a targeting segmentation or even an API feed. No matter what the format, the goal of a Data Product is to provide an easy-to-use, innovative data solution to a business probelm.

Companies subscribe to Data Products

Companies, governments or not-for-profits can browse our online marketplace to find the perfect Data Product solution to their needs. Users can filter Data Products by industry or solution type and directly subscribe to or purchase Data Products from Certified Partners. If a ready-made solution to the business problem hasn't been developed yet, organizations can find a Certified Partner or go direct to Data Contributors to launch their own projects.

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Data Republic connects you to platform-certified, expert consulting partners who can work with you to deliver unique finance data projects tailored to your business and industry. Click on the logos below to review individual Partner Profile and get in touch with experts.

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