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Fast track innovation by connecting your data to the outside world with the Data Sandbox. With a secure analytics collaboration space at your fingertips, efficiently accessing the world’s best people, apps and algorithms is finally possible.

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What Data Sandbox


Tap into secure quarantined sandboxes
with scalable, memory optimized and
deep-learning capable compute and


Realize the true potential of
partnerships with tools that ingest,
prepare and package data from
disparate sources.

Legals and

Utilize the Data Republic Common
Legal Framework and project-based
license terms to ensure compliance
and secure the use of data.

Data access

Establish governed workflows to quickly and safely onboard new innovation partners, allowing a greater breadth of collaboration.


Protect customer data with privacy-preserving technology and audit logs, ensuring data is only accessed and analyzed for approved purposes.

and tracing

Track and trace the usage of data across all projects, giving you an oversight of who had access to your data, when they accessed it and for what purpose.


How your enterprise
will benefit

Connect globally

Connecting your data to the world’s best people, apps and algorithms has never been simpler thanks to Data Republic’s Data Sandbox. Secure analytics collaboration environments allow for data to be accessed safely and quickly, giving the opportunity for technology vendors, hackathon teams and university researchers to develop new solutions and explore ideas using real data.

Unlock insights

By safely welcoming diverse perspectives into your innovation, powerful insights and bold ideas can be generated. As the reach of your data expands, so too does the scope of creativity and solutions. With outside data experts working their magic, all of your most important problems can be solved.

Scale efficiently

Powerful data-driven innovation is typically slow and costly due to restraints surrounding privacy. The secure solution offered by the Data Sandbox permits efficient scaling that is both quick and economical. Connecting with external powers has never been more viable.

Simplify projects

When innovation projects are managed internally, upkeep and IT management can be complicated and slow. By connecting externally, processes are simplified and pilots can be scaled in weeks, not months. With the Data Republic platform, all facets of data innovation are streamlined.


What’s possible with the
Data Sandbox?


The latest data insights

News & Media launches the Modernizing Behavioural Health Hackathon has launched their Modernizing Behavioural Health Hackathon. Competing teams will be given secure access to Anthem’s Digital Data Sandbox* to find solutions to health problems, specifically targeting mental health and substance abuse challenges. Anthem provides one of the largest certified de-identified health datasets in the US, and the hackathon … Read More

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