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Got a brilliant idea for a new data application or tool for your industry?
Data Republic connects Certified Partners with the data they need to build the 'next big thing' in Data Products.



Access Compelling Datasets

Analyze comprehensive transactional and behavioral datasets listed for exchange by major finance, retail, loyalty and property brands offering unique insights into demogrpahic and individual activities.

Build Innovative New Solutions

Apply your expert IP to datasets, uncover new insights and develop data-as-a-service solutions that drive scalable revenue for your business. Leverage your unique IP into repeatable Data Products while retaining ownership.

Use Our Ecosystem

List your Data Product on our marketplace and drive additional revenue to your business by reaching entirely new markets for your IP. Grow your business without increasing your marketing or sales overhead.

Build Data Products that make your client's lives easier.

Powerful Data Reports

Answer your client's most pressing questions with powerful reports that can be scheduled and sold at scale.

Propensity Models & Scores

Reveal true customer intent with models built on powerful transactional and behavioral datasets.

Interactive Dashboards

Delight client teams with next-generation interfaces that put data insights at their fingertips.


Attributes for Marketing Targeting

Deploy enriched customer segments straight into CRM and DMP solutions.

Measurement Tools

Help clients 'close the data loop' with measurement tools enriched by second-party data.

API Data Feeds

Deploy API data feeds that deliver insights to your clients in real-time.


How it all works


Become a Certified Partner

Join our data exchange ecosystem and get certified to use our platform and gain access to our uniquely broad offering of datasets in order to deliver client solutions. Only certified organiations can take full advantage of the Data Repulic platform and participate in the ecosystem.

Request access to data

Browse our data marketplace and find the dataset you need to answer your client's question. You can combine multiple data sources from a wife range of industries, including bringing your own data on to the platform to work in conjunction with our data contributors.

Develop your Data Product

Launch a Secure Analytics Workspaces, our fully-governed cloud analytics solution, and start analyzing data. We provide you with code libraries and any of the industry-leading tools you need to help you get to work, fast.

Manage contract negotiations online

Ready to turn your insight into a product? Our tools and support team make it simple for you to communicate directly with Data Contributors all within the platform under standardized contract terms.

Set up deployment schedules

Once approved for resale, integrate your Data Product straight from the Secure Analytics Workspaces into approved CRM, BI and DMP solutions via our API integrations to deliver your solution where your clients need it.

Promote your Data Product

List and promote your Data Product within the Data Republic exchange ecosystem to expand the reach of your IP. Apply for co-marketing funds and enjoy sales support by the Data Republic team and extended network.

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