Data-intensive Hackathons

Host data-intensive hackathons, bringing together many minds to solve challenge statements that are important to you. The Data Sandbox enables you to offer secure data access to the hackathon teams and entrants. Hackathons accelerate the speed of data-driven innovation, developing solutions in weeks, not months.


The Data Sandbox for Data-intensive Hackathons

Connect to global experts

Connecting your data to the world’s best data scientists and developers has never been simpler thanks to Data Republic’s Data Sandbox. Secure collaborative development environments allow for data to be accessed safely and quickly during the hackathon challenge period. Teams can ideate new products, services and solutions by thinking outside the box.

Unlock diverse insights

Cognitive diversity is achieved by working with individuals with unique and diverse perspectives. The Data Sandbox lets you connect experts to your data in a secure development environment for data-intensive hackathons. With access to real data, these innovators can develop new and unique solutions.

Rapid innovation

The Data Sandbox offers a streamlined process for data-intensive hackathons run over short periods for fast outcomes. Invite any teams or individuals from around the world to access your data to tackle a challenge statement during the set hackathon timeframe. Bolster the analytics power in a short amount of time.

Social good outcomes

Put your data to work to solve real social problems. The Data Sandbox can help connect data from multiple parties so hackathon teams can tackle social problems in new ways. Allow your analysts and external innovators to use their skills for social good.


What’s possible with the
Data Sandbox?


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Data Republic powers Anthem’s latest Hackathon   Earlier this month in Palo Alto, Anthem Inc. tackled some of healthcare’s hefty challenges in a two-day Hackathon, with Data Republic behind them as a key prize sponsor and platform provider.  Competing student teams were tasked, by invitation, to find innovative applications of … Read More

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