Data Fusion Studio

Expand and enrich your datasets through Data Fusion Studio. With decentralized privacy-preserving technology and transparent multi-field matching, collaborative customer analytics has never been easier.

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What Data Fusion
Studio offers


Gain deep customer insights with
transparent multi-field matching,
enabling smarter user experiences to
be crafted.


Realise the true potential of partnerships
with tools that ingest, prepare and
package data from disparate sources.

Legals and

Utilize a Common Legal Framework
and project-based license terms to
ensure compliance and secure the
use of data.

Data access

Establish governance workflows
that permit access to data for
secondary purposes.


Protect customer data with
privacy-preserving technology that
ensures Personal Information (PI)
never leaves your system.

and tracing

Track and trace the usage of data
across all projects, tightening security
and enabling superior data management.


How your enterprise
will benefit

Increase efficiency

When merging data with partners, validating customer information and establishing overlaps can be complicated and costly. The Data Fusion Studio drastically reduces the time and cost of data merging, increasing efficiency without any loss of control over the customer’s Personal Information (PI).

Comply flawlessly

The decentralization of data usually poses security threats and ruptures data sovereignty, complicating the process to a standstill. Through the Data Fusion Studio, compliance and privacy are guaranteed with patent-pending technology, allowing for protected, simplified data joining. With a reliable and secure system in place, enterprise organizations can merge data without any concerns.

Target effectively

When data is enriched, advertising outcomes improve exponentially thanks to accurate customer targeting. When the data joining process is simplified by the Data Fusion Studio, numerous second party data mergers can take place, creating complete profiles and detailed behavior data. This broader view of market data enables effective targeting, meaning peak performance advertising.

Manage usage

With large-scale projects, it can be tricky to limit the number of parties accessing data. The Data Fusion Studio’s robust system allows top-line data managers to keep track of who has access to their data, with the capacity to monitor when each party accessed it and for what purpose. Another layer of security to keep your data safe.


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