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Our technology helps you securely manage the governance, legal agreements and privacy compliance of data exchange from the exploratory phase through negotiations to analysis and your final outcome.

Governance for Data Exchange

Manage data exchanges from one secure dashboard. Our technology keeps you in complete control of who can discover and access your data.

Data Marketplace

Explore and analyze data from major retail, finance and loyalty brands, or purchase ready-made Data Products from trusted experts in every industry.

Secure Analytics in the Cloud

Provision data for external analysis in the fully-auditable Secure Analytics Workspaces pre-loaded with any of the industry-leading tools you need.

Data Governance Dashboard

Simple, intuitive tools to help organizations keep track of their ongoing and finalized data exchange projects.

Online contract management

View, manage and respond to requests for your data from one simple centralized dashboard, including auditable logs of which authorized users are accessing your datasets and for what permitted use that leave you in complete control.


Simple team collaboration

Online request and approval workflows make it easy to communicate and collaborate with your team - and authorized external parties - in a central and manageable interface on data exchange projects.


Data Listings management

You remain in complete control of your data and Data Listings at all times. You decide what data to list and set the fees, control visibility on the Data Marketplace and have final say over permitted use of the data once exchanged.

Secure Analytics Workspaces

We provide full-support setup of secure analytics workspaces in the cloud, including all of the tools needed for data prep, data engineering and data science.

Secure, encrypted envirnonments

Once approved for access, data is provisioned for analysis in isolated and encypted environments. These secure workspaces prevent data leakage and ensure that all analysis activities are transparent and conducted according to Data Contributor permissions and our legal Participation Agreement.


Pre-loaded with leading analytics tools

Just because our analytics environments are super secure, it doesn't mean you can't leverage your favourite tools. We support integrations with major BI and data analytics tools - and can even preload your DSW with licensed versions of selected tools based on your project needs and working requirements.


Simple egress and integration

After your analysis is done, we offer a robust set of egress controls and integrations straight from the Secure Analytics Workspaces into approved CRM, BI and DMP solutions. We also offer APIs for any custom egress solutions that you'd like to build to support the deployment of your data projects.

We know that technology works best, when it works together.

Working within the Secure Analytics Workspace should be just like working within your own environment, so we can add any analytical or visualization tool you need including:

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