Two fundamental changes to the way you do data exchange...

Governed platform

  • Best-practice technology and security infrastructure for data governance
  • Standardized legal agreement for ease of engagement
  • Opening up potential for analysis of multiple external datasets from our data marketplace

Trust framework

  • Transparency means Data Republic is built on a Trust Framework
  • An open framework ensures a simple engagement process when you need to bring external experts in to help with your analysis projects

…will lead to significant benefits in creating new data insights

Secure and private by design

  • Bank grade security for all data with full encryption both in transit and at rest, keeping your data secure at all times
  • Personal information never leaves the databank and raw data never leaves the platform

Easy, fast and cost-effective

  • Time-consuming legal issues are minimized
  • The capital expense of system development, legal and operational use has already been covered, leaving participation as an operating expense

Transparent and enabling

  • All participants are clear on how their data is being used
  • Lets specialists in organizations do what they are good at and use their analytical skills on great data
  • Easily links to other systems to enable operationalization of findings

The Senate difference

Data Republic's Senate platform offers all the features you'd expect in a local analytical environment plus the additional security and governance tools included by design into our technology.
check Full-Service Analytics Machines
check Expert setup of environments
check Access to Expert Partners
check IT Security
check Version control your own code
check An approved cloud location
check Contracts and Legal pre-negotiated
check Access auditing
check Scale infrastructure as needed
check Completely Segregated Workspaces
check Data is Encrypted
check Quarterly Penetration Testing

Managing your data with Senate

The Senate platform makes it simple for organisations to manage the ‘shades of grey’ around what data should be shared with whom by providing permitted-use governance controls.
Data warehouse with SQL access

You’ll be able to query your datasets via SQL, building new views and tables, and saving your queries for re-use all from within the Senate platform.

Work with your datasets just as you would if they were stored in your local environment but with the added governed security of Senate.

Web based management console

Via the management console, you’ll also be able to edit the tables associated with your databases, load new data, and set relevant meta descriptions for your datasets.

All of your management needs centralized in one easy interface.

Supports unstructured data types

In addition to your traditional datasets, any and all of your relevant project documents can be loaded as Files, keeping all of your documentation centralized and available for projects.

Ensure proper documentation is always available for all of your projects.

Package data tables for analysis

Onboard users and kick off data projects quickly by packaging guides directly to your datasets, reduce risk by including only the documents people need to the package.

Save time as the packages can be duplicated and reused.


Securely store and access your PII

The security of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) would otherwise be a major hurdle to any type of open data or analytical project, but Data Republic can help alleviate that concern as well as provide matching services for those projects that require second party data.

The Senate platform segregates the handling of PII to a secondary repository called Databank. Working in partnership with Data Republic, Databank provides the underlying identity data matching platform and Data Republic provides the exchange workflow technology and dedicated workspaces for participants to analyse and uncover insights from associated attribute data. Keeping these two types of information, personal information and attribute data, completely separate helps to ensure that individuals cannot be re-identified by any other party without your approval.

On-demand analytical environments driving results


The Senate platform provides on-demand Analytics as a Service environments complete with all of the analytical tools your team needs and alleviates the technical and infrastructure limitations you typically experience trying to kick off analytical projects



Securely-governed environments

Our analytical workspaces are fully confined envirornments used to allow approved people (companies, organisations and staff) to work on shared data in a secure environment to prevent unauthorised uses of your data. You have full audit and version control over all activity in the workspace, and the Senate platform provides you with a governance workflow for approving data egress.

Complete analytical toolsets

Working on our analytical environments won't impact the efficiency of your data analyst teams. All of their standard analytical tools can be loaded in to the environment along with any supplementary datasets or pre-configured analytical algorithms. We support integrations with major BI and data analytics tools and can preload your workspace with licensed versions of selected tools based on your project needs and working requirements.

Simple egress and integration

After your analysis is done, we offer a robust set of egress controls and integrations straight from the workspaces into approved CRM, BI and DMP solutions. We also offer APIs for any custom egress solutions that you'd like to build to support the deployment of your data projects, including the development of custom applications that run in your own technology stack and utilize the Senate platform as a supporting service layer.

SAaaS environment options


The analytical workspaces on the Senate platform come in three different sizes; small, medium and large. Which workspace will be required for your project depends on the size of the data you need to ingest into the environment in terabytes, and the amount of analytical power you need. These two factors will influence the amount of drive space and CPUs required for your project. The Data Republic team can assist with your needs evaluation to determine which package of workspaces makes the most sense for you.



Infrastructure that is secure by design

Data Republic’s technology infrastructure has been designed and built from the ground up with protection and security of data at the forefront of every activity. From the initial ingestion of data, through to the processing and use of the analytical workspaces on the platform, Data Republic provides dynamic analysis and data security controls which ensure that datasets and Data Products are protected from un-authorized extraction or access.

All data ingested into Data Republic is secured both in-transit (SSL) and at-rest (KMS). Each contributor organisation, has a unique encryption key meaning no two contributors can decrypt or access each other's data.

This use of encryption keys also ensures that backups are secured, because only encrypted data is backed up. If a Contributor wishes to remove data from the platform, we permanently delete the encryption keys, as well as the data, to ensure that data is never recoverable.

Encryption keys are stored in a highly secure tamper proof HSM cluster. Alternatively, they could be managed using an AWS KMS/RDS system.

Download our security whitepaper


We know that technology works best, when it works together.

Working within the Secure Analytics Workspace should be just like working within your own environment, so we can add any analytical or visualization tool you need including:

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