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No matter how impressive your internal systems are, there are numerous benefits to be realized when utilizing outside expertise. The Data Sandbox allows outside data experts to work on your data without compromising security. With the world’s best talent performing data analytics or building AI algorithms, you can crowdsource innovation and leverage cognitive diversity.


The Data Sandbox for Data Analytics

Connect globally

Connecting your data to the world’s best data scientists and developers has never been simpler thanks to Data Republic’s Data Sandbox. Secure collaborative development environments allow for data to be accessed safely and quickly, allowing you to work with experts based around the world to develop new solutions and explore ideas using real data.

Unlock diverse insights

Cognitive diversity is achieved by working with individuals with unique and diverse perspectives. The Data Sandbox lets you connect experts to your data in a secure development environment. With access to real data, these innovators can develop new and unique solutions.

Innovation at scale

The Data Sandbox offers a streamlined process for data access so you can crowdsource fresh insights at scale. Invite any data scientist or developer around the world to access your data and work with multiple innovators at once. Build a network for your enterprise that has the unprecedented ability to discover insights, build and train algorithms, validate solutions and deploy those solutions in the real world.

Simplify projects

When innovation projects are managed internally, upkeep and IT management can be complicated and slow. Giving access to external experts individually is impossible. The Data Sandbox is a safe environment to connect experts with your data. With the Data Republic platform, all facets of data innovation are streamlined. 


What’s possible with the
Data Sandbox?


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