We're changing the way organizations exchange data to prioritize your rights as a consumer.

Your Privacy Rights

We have worked hard to develop data exchange infrastructure which removes existing risks for consumers by separating, encrypting and storing customer identities away from attribute related data sets.

Data Republic complies with all Australian consumer laws as well as all principles of the Privacy Act 1988. We ensure that your personal information (PII) is never seen by Data Republic users. Only anonymous and de-identified data can be uploaded or exchanged in our environment.

  • DATA republic

    Only anonymous and de-identified data can be uploaded or exchanged in our environment.

  • DATA republic

    All Data Contributors must have applicable Privacy Policies and have received permission from customers.

  • DATA republic

    All exchanges conducted on Data Republic’s environment undergo stringent security and governance controls to ensure privacy compliance.

Privacy & Data Exchange

  • PII is removed

    Data Republic’s partner, Westpac’s Databank provides secure services for Data Contributor organisations to separate, encrypt and store customer identities away from attribute related datasets.

    Your customer personal information (PII) is stored behind Westpac bank’s firewall, while the now anonymous attribute data is prepared to be ingested into Data Republic’s environment.

    Like storing money in a bank, Westpac’s Databank provides the highest grade security for the storage of customer personal information.

  • Attribute data is listed

    Once customer personal information has been removed, Data Contributors are able to upload de-identified Data Listings for Data Republic users to request.

    Data Contributors can then authorize specific users to review and analyze the anonymous data.

    Data Contributors maintain control of the data at all times and must approve any external application of insights garnered from data exchanges.

  • Anonymous data is analyzed

    Once users have received approval to analyze the anonymous data, a Data Science Workspace is provisioned for analysts to work with the data within our secure environment. The authorized users are then able to derive insights which may assist with product development, marketing personalization or even urban planning outcomes.

    All external application of insights derived from Data Republic’s technology must receive approval from both the original Data Contributor and Data Republic.

    Data Republic independently governs exchanges to ensure legal, ethical and privacy law compliance.


Opting out

Even though we’ve worked hard to build data exchange infrastructure which protects consumer privacy (and removes existing privacy risks), we understand that some consumers may not feel comfortable with their service provider exchanging de-identified insights to provide more personalized services.

We’re currently working to develop a single ‘opt-out’ tool for consumers. We hope to release this in 2017.

In the mean time, you can directly request that the organization (of which you are in existing customer) not to use or disclose their personal information for the purpose of direct marketing, or for the purpose of facilitating direct marketing by other organizations (APP 7.6).
In accordance with the Australian Privacy Act 1988, the organization must give effect to any such request by an individual within a reasonable period of time and for free (APP 7 .7).

Read more about Australian Privacy Principles and your rights as a consumer.